General Price List

 Effective Jan 1, 2021 These prices are a guideline and are subject to to change. Not a quote. Please contact office

Property Available

Property Available

$2,500* Standard Plots

$3,000* Garden of Angels

$1,000 Cremation Plot 

$600 Babyland Plot 

$3,500* Serenity Mausoleum Gardens

$4,500* Family Heritage Oak Plot

*(Add $1,000 for a tree or bench option)

Serenity Mausoleum Crypts  & Niches

Serenity Mausoleum Crypts  & Niches

Single Deluxe starting at $3,500 

Tandem Crypt starting at $6,500

Serenity Niches starting at $1,800

Pre / At-Need Options

Liners & Vaults

Liners & Vaults

$1,000 Concrete Liner (Standard size)

$1,800 Personalized Cemetery Vault

$800 Liner setting fee (Liner purchased elsewhere)

$2,000 Over-sized Liner

$600 Urn Vault

Other Interment Services

Other Interment Services

$1,000 Cremation/infant burial-family property

$1,000 "Babyland" Service

$1,000 Niche Entombment

$1,000 Crypt Entombment



$1,000 Holiday Service

$350 Admin. Fee (all contracts)

$800 weekend services

$800 Outside Liner Setting Fee

$800 Overtime Fee

$200 Complete Burial Set up

$100 Outside Liner Scheduling and Preparation Fee

When the outer burial container is purchased through the funeral home, a setting fee must be added to cost of interment.

Request for a service on a Mon. must be finalized by noon on Fri., all others will be required to pay the weekend fee.

All At-Need services must be finalized 48 hours before burial in order to avoid any delays and/or overtime fees.